EGU 2016 EOS18 Earth Sciences and Art session program

We are pleased to inform that program of the EGU 2016 conference is now online in the Conference Website.

Here we report the program of the EOS18 Session
Earth Sciences and Art: a fruitful co-operation for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants

Conveners:  Tiziana Lanza. Giuliana D’Addezio , Niamh Shaw , Ravi Kapur , Angela Saraò

Oral Session:

Friday, 22 Apr 2016
Room: -2.16
Chairperson: T.Lanza and N. Shaw

Using Animation to Convey Natural Hazards and Anthropogenic Change
Isaac Kerlow

World Climate Conference – a play re-enacting the COPs
Freja S.E. Vamborg, Marlene Klockmann, Boris P. Koch, Juliane Otto, Florian Rauser, Vera Schemann, Sebastian Sonntag, Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel, Imanuel Schipper, and Jörg Bochow

A Carboniferous Cabinet of Wonders: an example of how the collaboration of art and Earth Sciences can inspire conservation
Melissa Grey and Janine Rogers

Communicating Science; a collaborative approach through Art, Dance, Music and Science
Sarah-Jane Smart, Hugh Mortimer and the RAL Space Dance Collaboration Team

Environmental intervisuality in a Brazilian protected area in the Atlantic Rainforest Biome
Artur Matuck and Eunice Silva

Change Ringing – communicating climate change through contemporary classical music
Ravi Kapur, Laurence Osborn, and Peter Shenai

Brief Introduction to Poster Session

Poster Session

Attendance Time: Friday, 22 Apr, 15:30–17:00
Chairperson: A. Saraò

On the seasonal transition from winter to spring in Europe and the “seasonal feeling” relating to “Fasnacht” in comparison with those in East Asia (Toward an interdisciplinary activity on climate and cultural understanding education)
Kuranoshin Kato, Haruko Kato, and Tatsuya Hamaki

Re-evaluating Science and Technology trough the lens of Arts and Graphic Design. A case study in La Spezia.
Marina Locritani, Mascha Stroobant, Roberta Talamoni, Silvia Merlino, Giacomo Guccinelli, Lucrezia Benvenuti, Consuelo Zatta, Federica Stricker, Franco Zappa, and Matteo Sgherri

STEAMakers- a global initiative to connect STEM career professionals with the public to inspire the next generation and nurture a creative approach to science, technology, maths & engineering
Niamh Shaw, Elburz Sorkhabi, Oriol Gasquez, and Saho Yajima

Landscapes of Central Italy through Science, Poetry and Music. A perspective for educating to the planet sustainability
Olivia Nesci and Laura Valentini

Using immersive media and digital technology to communicate Earth Science
Ravi Kapur
Science, Learning and the Arts as different facets of knowledge building
Paolo Diviacco

Acoustic comunication systems and sounds in three species of crickets from central Italy: musical instruments for a three-voices composition
David Monacchi and Laura Valentini

The Arctic Circle
Siobhan McDonald

Acting Antarctica: science on stage
Piera Ciceri, Paola Tizzoni, and Luigia Pierro

Italy: An Open Air Museum
Ann Pizzorusso

The Gold of Naples: the volcanic landscape throught photography
Alessandro Fedele, Claudio Serio, and Giuseppe De Natale

The Importance of Cultural Heritage in Earth Science
Gala Avvisati, Mauro Di Vito, Enrica Marotta, Agata Sangianantoni, Rosario Peluso, Sandro de Vita, Rosella Nave, Enrico Vertechi, Giuseppe De Natale, and Massimo Ghilardi

“Focus on glaciers”: an exposition of geo-photos to attract interest on a vanishing beauty
Giuliana Rossi, Gualtiero Bohm, and Angela Saraò

Pictures at an exhibition: a look through the eyes of a geologist
Vanda Santos and Guadalupe Jácome

10 years with Planet Earth essence in the primary school children drawings
Giuliana D’Addezio

Graphic design and scientific research: the experience of the INGV Laboratorio Grafica e Immagini
Daniela Riposati, Giuliana D’Addezio, Angela Chesi, Francesca Di Laura, and Sabrina Palone

How to rediscover Nature in the Digital Era: Earth sciences, Art and Technology
Tiziana Lanza

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Looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna

The Conveners of the EGU 2016 – EOS18 Session

Precedente Visual Art meets Geology at Green Point in Canada Successivo Interdisciplinary class on asymmetric seasonal transition in East Asia