EGU 2016 Earth sciences and Art – EOS18 Session

Longing for a better world respectful of the environment? Are you a scientist or an artist working for a better planet sustainability? Are you a scientist cooperating with an artist to the same goal? Then, do not miss the opportunity to take part in our session dedicated to Earth sciences and Art at its second edition. We would be happy to have you in our upcoming EGU conference in Vienna! Let us know about your work and share it with earth scientists and artists from all over the world.

Here follows the official letter of invitation to submit an abstract. Looking forward to see you in Vienna!


EGU 2016 –Earth Sciences & Art EOS18 Session Call For Abstracts


Dear Colleagues and Friends,


We invite you to submit an abstract to the Earth sciences and Art session that we are organizing within the 2016 European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly (Vienna, Austria, 17-22 April 2016).


Session EOS18.

Earth Sciences and Art: a fruitful co-operation for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants

Convener: Tiziana Lanza (Italy); Co-Conveners: Giuliana D’Addezio (Italy), Niamh Shaw (Ireland), Ravi Kapur (United Kingdom), Angela Sarao (Italy).


Session description:


Climate change, pollution, desertification, natural hazard, animal extinction, deterioration of monuments are some of the problems we face everyday. Very often Science and Technology are charged of the solutions while Art is intended mainly for entertainment. Indeed, a community of scientists and artists working together is growing day by day to drive people attention on the impelling problems demanding urgent solutions. The cooperation between scientists and artists also facilitates the identification of more and more effective methods to educate people to a life-style respectful of the planet and its inhabitants. Of not less importance are the mutual benefits that scientists and artists can receive from their cooperation. Scientific research can inspire new works of art while the cultural hypotheses of artists can inspire the questions that stimulate important new scientific answers. This session, at its second edition, aims at bringing together all those interested in sharing experiences, new ideas and methods for educating people to the planet sustainability also using the different forms of art. We are also interested in learning about experiences and project aimed at using science and technology to preserve monuments and cultural heritage. So, if you are participating in Educational and outreach activities involving both Earth sciences and photography, digital art, gamification, visual storytelling, painting, narrative, theatre, movies, music join the session! We encourage the sharing of success stories as a results of a fruitful co-operation.


EGU, European Geophysical Union Annual Conference ( is the biggest conference in Europe addressing Earth sciences in a wider sense. Last edition collected 12.000 scientists from more than 100 countries.

The session is included in the OEM (Outreach, education, and media) Symposia, and will be a unique opportunity to share and discuss up to date initiatives and experiments, as well as established formats, coming from geoscientists, communicators, educators, artists and performers.

Info for abstract submission are available here:


To submit your abstract, go to the session EOS18 at


The deadline is *13 January 2016*.


A financial support is foreseen for young applicants.


Please note that in this case the deadline for the abstract submission is *1 Dec 2015*.


For eligibility, carefully check the page:


The Session Earth sciences and Art is at its second edition: you can visit our blog to read about the contributions at the EGU2015 Earth sciences and Art Session at the following link:


You can stay up-to-date with General Assembly information by subscribing to the EGU blog ( and following the EGU on Twitter (, #EGU16) and Facebook (



We would like to hear about the work that you are doing and encourage you to submit your abstracts.


Best regards,


Tiziana Lanza, Giuliana D’Addezio, Niamh Shaw, Ravi Kapur, Angela Sarao

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