Why going for a EGU PICO session when having an artistic content

Last EGU Edition, by chance, we had the opportunity to experiment a PICO session. In that occasion we realized that this is the best way to present a content including artistic performances. This is why we are proposing again a PICO session. In a traditional session, only few submitters will have the chance to present orally their work, while the rest go to posters. Usually, for instance, a poster does not give the opportunity to show content in a video. Instead with the pico session everybody will have the opportunity to present their content in a multi-media format, introducing orally their work to the public. There is also space for a collective discussion, and the possibility, in a second time, to deepen individually with the authors the content of their work.

To conclude, with the PICO everybody will be able to show his work in a more complete and exhaustive way.

Then we invite you to watch the following video to better understand the philosophy of a PICO session.