Singing in the name of climate change (part II)

In Germany a rock band from Hamburg whose name is Eastern Rain is composing music and lyrics to raise

In the picture the Rock Band Eastern Rain
In the picture the Rock Band Eastern Rain

awareness on how urgent has become for everybody to understand the impact of Cimate Change on the planet. Many lyrics in their repertoire are composed to this aim. “The lyrics New Scientist composed in 2013 is a bit satyric and provocative in this sense”, says Marcel Peragine, the leader of the band, composer, musician and film maker “since time is running out and getting the message out on a scale necessary to start reversing the damage can only effectively be done with massive communication, broadcasting and social media”. In other words education, communication and awareness are a fundamental and essential part of the scientific research on the subject. When scientific research is compared with the world governments firmly in the hand of big business companies, than only radical scientific solutions for the Earth seems to be our only hope.

That’s why Peragine, who is native American, is happy that Nasa has made an attempt to re-activate manned space-flights to Mars, after losing 35 years just orbiting the Earth. In fact, nobody has never taken seriously the impact of this research on fighting climate change on Earth. To give an example, hydrogen fuel cell is a technology not in use in the ordinary world due to the lack of government interests and subsidies.

Here follows the lyrics of New Scientist and a demo of the song:

ESTERN RAIN – New Scientist

a notion came to me its very much alive
comes down to knowing if we’re able to survive
if the answer lies a way up in the sky
I hope the scientists are working overtime.

we lost the passion and the will to look around
spent so much precious time like deadwood on the ground
the systems broken and the logics hard to find
thats why the scientists keep running out of time

to blind to notice they’ll be fewer times around
the world we know back then is no longer to be found
if there is a ray of light deep in our children’s eyes
they’ll be the scientists a turning back the time

its all been said before our greed just won’t run dry
mother nature will survive to this I’ll testify
her beauty knows no bounds and no one will deny
thats why the scientists keep working overtime

words and music: M. Peragine copyright 2013 suisa ch.


new scientist – singing in the name of climate change (EGU2015-1823)

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